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Every business house has its own way of reporting system. Some do it graphically and some through diagrams and many textually. Reporting solutions from Innova helps you make reports as per the clients' need and requirement. It's ideal for organizations that have large data volumes.

Managing a business and in that managing various departments and in that too analyzing the reports given by the subordinates can be very taxing sometimes. The challenge can get even more difficult when you have everything done manually.

Imagine every department of a business house making reports... Making reports manually by gathering data from various sources can be manipulated and thus the decision-making might get delayed and even if a decision is made it might not be relevant, since the reports may have been forged. It may happen that the complexity involved in collection of data might not be possible at all, resulting in huge loss.

  • Real time tracking and monitoring

  • Easy to review at any level

  • Easy to keep a tab on history

  • Quick access to relevant information

  • Monitor multiple data sources at one go

  • Wide variety of custom report

  • Easy to configure

In reporting system solutions a huge amount of time can be saved. No manual work is involved so the report received are accurate and up to the point. Ultimately, leading in faster decision-making and accurate too. This system will help in overall improvement, as true reports about the employees' performance are available, thus helping in making an accurate decision.

Heads can manage their supervisors and their performance real time and analyses could be done as and when required. Reporting system allows you to organize and present data in a very concise and detailed manner and as per the parameters defined by you.

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