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Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint server services help an organization in information sharing and collaboration of data that ultimately helps in increasing the efficiency of an individual and the team as well. Innova's SharePoint services include SharePoint Implementation and SharePoint Application Development.

SharePoint is a kind of replacement for intranet as it connects employees to information, expertise and applications. It also helps an organization in maintaining and managing documents by increasing the process efficiency. It's better knowledge sharing process helps in an improved version of communications. SharePoint also make the process of business and workflow management easy by automated approvals and collaboration; that too anytime and anywhere.

Microsoft SharePoint is like an e-safe-vault where you can put your knowledge base securely on the Internet. With its round the clock access it is ideal for client, employees or suppliers to log into their individual account as per their convenience.

  • Better user interface and design customization

  • Solutions for a better workflow

  • Document Collaboration that helps in managing a project in a better way

  • Connect employees to business critical information, expertise and applications

  • No lapse or error in Communications

Microsoft SharePoint helps in a better processing of business and workflow. It also allows: anytime, anywhere access and interaction... irrespective of where you are.

It helps in collaboration of team and helps in team management for the process of document sharing, online discussions making a healthy atmosphere amongst the employees.

The best thing about this is that you need no staff to manage it, as it is completely web-based. Client can also use it like a bulletin board for their organization to announce any kind of news and can be sure and secure that the news will reach to every one.

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