Anything can be a source of inspiration. But it's more important that we transform that inspiration to another level. A level, where we use that inspiration to work upon our own idea by implementing it. It's only during the implementation that we put in our last effort for an outcome that is truly world class. We call it a theory of – Inspire-Ideate-Innovate; you may call it The Innova Way.

At Innova our endeavour has always been to raise the benchmark of excellence a notch (maybe two) higher. Be it our service, software, retail or system functions. That's said, there is nothing more gratifying than a gentle nod from our customer.


Innova as we all know accepts that growing with change is inalienable for the success of any organisation. Change that is from within. We, at Innova believe that it is our core values that make the most impact. The idea of innovating in every step we take is what we promise, and deliver.

With this we unveil our identity, giving a fresh outlook to how we see things for the time to come. This new change brings in a lot of more energy, vibrancy, flexibility and ideas. But there are some things that we dare not change: Our Service. Our Commitment. Our Passion. Because these are the pillars on which Innova has been built and who would want to change their pillars on which it has been built?

This new identity of Innova is a very vibrant, full of vigor and shows a lot of motion. The four circles are symbol of motion of moving fast, moving ahead. These circles are not the conventional round one and therefore show a lot of flexibility in our service and offerings. Every circle has a service of ours attached to it and the colour has a reason to be there.


Blue: System integration or hardware development requires a lot of strength, be it of manpower or intellect. This blue come different from the usual blue and shows a lot of depth and solidity in our system


Yellow: Being in retail is all about being visible to your customers wherever you are. Yellow gives us that strong visibility and presence and a greater recall value.


Orange: Software development is all about being innovative, skillful, vibrant and coming up with new ideas every day. Orange is the colour for vibrancy. Orange shows freshness that we put into our skills to come up with new ideas.


Light Blue: Our conscience tells us that when you serve someone you need to be soft, calm and cool. Every personnel from Innova who is into servicing is made to believe in these rules and made to apply the same. We believe it's the sky colour that truly relates to what we serve.

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