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HRMS- "Human Resource Management System"

The functions of human resource department are not common in all the organizations. It can vary to one organization to another. Human resource department of many companies can face many challenges like identification of the skills and talents of the employees tends to better utilization of knowledge base; increasing healthy and optimum effect of performance appraisal to be done on time; increasing effectiveness of recruitment process to hire new employees for the organization; Identification of skills and talents of employees for retention excellence.

And to face these challenges, HR development has been given due importance by most of all the organizations belonging to all the sectors of the market. Organisations started focusing on employee development activities, this insists organizations to use innovative ways to support and motivate their needs of employees. Many organizations have gone beyond the traditional functions and developed HRMS which is one of those innovative ways, which most of the organizations have started using and implementing in their respective premises.

A Human Resource Management System refers to the systems and processes at the intersection between 'Human Resource Management' and 'Information Technology'. It merges different processes and functions of human resource management with Information technology.

Systems enabled increasingly higher administrative control of such systems. Currently Human Resource Management Systems encompass:

  • Payroll
  • Work Time
  • Benefits Administration
  • HR management Information system
  • Recruiting
  • Training/Learning Management System
  • Performance Record
  • Employee Self-Service

Organizations customized its HRMS system according to the needs and requirements of their employees and management. It consists of:

  • Training Program: It's related to employees' training for their enhancement.
  • Staffing: It helps in the recruitment process and designing different strategies for the job analysis.
  • Employee Information: Consists of employees' personal, Academic, Trianing, Experience, Leave, Job Description and Pay & Wages information at single point of access.
  • Leave Management: Leave movement and allocation can be traced easily
  • Insurance:-Insurance Management can be done easily
  • Climate Survey:-Online survey can be done by employees about the company's climate.
  • Performance Planning:-It's related to the performance appraisal of the employees.
  • Pay Package: - Faster, easy and automatic calculation of employees' salary and incometax.

So, HRMS really can be helpful for their employees in many fields as follows:

  • Identification of employee's expertise tends to be better utilization of knowledge base.
  • Identification of employee's key skills for retention excellence.
  • Increase healthy impact by on time and accurate performance appraisal.
  • Increase effectiveness in employee recruiting process.
  • Single entry system meeting multiple and various reporting requirements.
  • Helps creating a collaborative and continuous improvement culture ensuring that all employees are achieving the higher level.
  • A collegial flexible work place, Employee input in to how the work gets done, trust in senior management and lack of hierarchy flexible work arrangement.
  • Time saving, easy to use web-based management system for creating, implementing, and monitoring organization improvements plans.
  • Helps insure coordination of effort and resources.
  • Focuses and aligns staff development and resources.
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