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It is said that India resides in its villages, however it is a fact that the majority mass of population, which resides in these villages is left out of growth and development initiatives time and over. This has in turn hampered the ability of individuals from these underdeveloped areas to get access of learning the modern tools of the 21st century resulting in an unbalanced growth of the Indian society. In order to enable these individuals attain such capabilities it is important that opportunities, learning and technology transcends the urban regions and reach the rural areas so as to encompass these areas also in the process of development and thus creating a more balanced India development story.

The success of the IT sector has been a major contributor in the development of India in the recent years. It is imperative that this IT success story also reaches the deprived areas of India and provide similar opportunities to students from such areas.

Innova, partnering through an imaginative business initiative – FLOOD IT, a knowledge revolution program, has sought to bridge this gap by helping the students, individuals and organizations from such deprived areas to be a part of this IT success story.

Flood IT

Launched in February 2009, Flood IT is an imaginative and ambitious initiative of Gujarat Urban Cooperative Bank Federation, an umbrella organization of 282 cooperative banks of Gujarat. Its chief objective of the initiative was "to promote and help the causes of computer literacy for all and for students in particular." Innova has been pioneering partners of this project. The program was implemented in entire Gujarat

Ever since its inception in 1992, BFSI-Banking, Finance, Services and Institutes have been the core sectors for Innova's business involvement. The top management of Innova has been continuously engaged with management and boards of various cooperative banks of Gujarat. Hence, it was apt for Innova to be a natural partner with the financial organizations and banks for the Flood IT initiative.

Program Execution Strategy

For better implementation of the project, considering customer satisfaction and convenience, Innova adopted the strategy of "Inclusiveness". With the expertise and market hold that Innova enjoys and the with the world class IT products and services that Hewlett Packard has to offer, it strategically decided to rope in the support and expertise of Hewlett Packard and generated a local support base by creating more than 100 local channel partners throughout Gujarat. This helped in fermenting efficiency in implementation and execution of entire program all the way down to the grass-root level. It became a win-win situation for all. The success of this strategy reflects in the market share captured by Innova under this program – it has supplied approximately 60% of the all computers sold.

This is well depicted in the charts below:

The Flood IT initiative has been able to bring back vibrancy in an otherwise lull market. And importantly, it has succeeded in reaching out to the rural population and students and empowers them with the tools of new technology. The lingo 'Gamde-Gamde computers' (computers across every village) became the new motivational mantra for the team involved with the initiative.

Buoyed by success of the Flood IT initiative, Co-operative banks of Gujarat are proposing to launch second phase of the program soon. Maharashtra Co-op association has also emulated this initiative and has recently launched similar program in Maharashtra. Importantly, as part of the with the replication of the Flood IT initiative in Maharastra, Innova's strategy of "Inclusiveness" – working with channel partners, has been adopted as well.

Innova is proud of its association with such an initiative, as worthy, encompassing and outreaching as this, to help the deprived sections of Indian society attain the most basic tools of 21st century. Also it makes it worth mentioning here that the involvement in the Flood IT initiative has helped Innova achieve almost 287% growth compared to previous year.

Hon.CM of Gujarat's Speech On Flood IT
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