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Data Warehousing

As the name itself suggests, Data warehousing is a process of collecting an organizations data at one place. This electronically stored data can be accessed to facilitate reporting and analysis of the business at any stage. Data warehousing helps organizations from keeping their data in proper formats and organized.

Different models of data warehouses

  • Online Transaction Processing: speed and ease of use.

  • Online Analytical processing: Difficult to use and adds an extra step of analysis within the data.

  • Subject Oriented Data Warehouse: Data is linked together and is organized by relationships.

Kinds of Data Warehouse:

With the change in time and up gradation of technology data warehouses have grown from just offline operational databases to include online integrated data warehouse.

  • Offline Operational Data Warehouses: The simplest and less technical type of data warehouse. Data usually is just copied from real time

  • Offline Data Warehouses: Frequent update of data and further stored in an integrated manner for reporting.

  • Real Time Data Warehouses: Real time update of the data as and when done.

  • Integrated Data Warehouses: Used for other systems to access them for operational systems.

  • Reliable and consolidated storage of data

  • Integrated analysis and reporting of data

In Data Warehousing data is stored at one place for security purpose and archiving all on a single computer or multiple computers tied to one giant screen system. The data can be formatted, operational data, external data, reports or anything…

Storing the data is not the only motive of a data warehouse it should also make data access easy for day-to-day operations. A data warehouse plays a major role when it comes to decision-making.

Data warehousing makes work easy; less amount of time is spend on searching of data and helps you get rid of daily issues pertaining to storage of data.

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