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Client Server Applications

For huge organizations with very high number of employees client server applications are the need. It's a kind of distributed application structure that sets all applications on the server and makes itself available to all the employees from one source. Servers comes with high level of security thus there are very less chances of data loss in this kind of applications.

A client-server application can function with multiple clients. It helps the client to reduce the time involved in processing the data from each system.

Innova's client server applications are sure to meet clients' expectation of meeting their customer's satisfaction. Innova being a client-oriented organization makes sure that it delivers application that are not just effective on the business but also on their pockets.

It's very important to develop latest-tech based software that your are equipped to work on that technology. Innova has the ability to come in terms with the latest technology within no time giving them an upper hand above all others and scope to develop application that is best for the day.

Innova's expert team has the capability that ensures that client server application meets client's need and helps their business to prosper and flourish. It provides complete assistance to make not just the application to succeed but even your business as well

  • Hi-level of security and restricted access

  • Timely and automatic update of data

  • Easy to analyze

  • Customized interface

Client Server application being such an important part of any business makes our role-play even more important. The ability to access, examine, analyze and process data at anytime from any place and situation powers any business to unimaginable strength. It's the base for remote data access.

Innova with its varied clientele has the ability to develop Client-Server applications for fields like Accounting, Retail, Finance, HR Management, Inventory Management, Sales and Marketing and many more

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